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09/03/2012 in Article

The more I ask for Light, the more it comes into my awareness, my energy field, my life.  It brings me a feeling of calm when I am upset or low.  It lifts my thinking to a higher level than I might normally be on when something is troubling me.  It shines through any darkness of thought or emotion, or even beliefs I held as true but knew were weighing me down.  The Light illumines everything… if I allow it.

There is always an interaction; a choice.  The light is around us all the time, but so often we have our attention, hearts, faces, turned away from it.  We look at the shadows of lack and unhappiness and unknowingly feed those experiences instead.. keeping them alive as long as we do so.  It is such a simplistic idea, isn’t it?  The premise that we can change our reality at any time, just by thinking differently, or making a new choice.. and yet it actually does work that way.  Whatever we have our attention on is what we will have more of in our lives.

Why are we attached to the past?  It is time to question the things we have used to hold ourselves back from living in a happier, lighter place.  We think that our memories are sacred and dear, as if we could somehow change what has come before by carrying them around in our minds, by repeating the old stories…and maybe, this time, it will be different.  Maybe if I tell this story just one more time…  I will see something new and it will miraculously be different.  I will be wiser now and it will not be so bad….

The truth is that no one will come back from the past to save you..  or change your present circumstances.  No memory will bring you fulfillment in the now.  Only you have that power in your life.  Only you.  You choose.  You choose in each moment.

So, what do you really want?  To carry the sadness and defeat, or to let it all go and fly?  You can fly anywhere you want to go…  it is all within your reach.  And if you feel that you can no longer see it, ask the Light to show you again… to show you the way to your joy.  It is all inside you, waiting to be asked to come out and play….

I can hear the voice inside my head saying… “It matters.  You matter.  Each moment of each day matters.  Choose it now.  Give yourself freedom now.. today.  Be in the Joy that is your true nature and see what happens.  It will take you to wonderful places if you just let it…

That is what I wish for us all.

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