Wendy Walker

“Are You Ready to Create the Inner Alignment You Need to Have Atomic Clarity and Live with Luminous Joy in Your Life?”

   Wendy Walker

The Creation Coach for Change Agents and Awakening Co-Creators


“Hi, I’m Wendy. I teach change agents and co-creators the practical, spiritual tools they need to become kick ass creators whose dreams come to life.  As an energy educator of many years, I know that you want to fulfill your mission in the spirit of joy, and share it with all the people you impact.”




         You are…

    1.  A Spiritual Worker, a Visionary, a Woman with a Calling.

2.  You’ve been on your path for a while without accomplishing that one special thing you carry in  your heart.

3.  You’re eager to reconnect to and utilize the field of infinite possibilities you have within.

    4.  Or you may be newly awakening to your sacred path but already know you are ready to jump in and do it!  You just                                                                                need to learn some tools to support the work you’re here to do.

    5.  You feel you came here to do something important but along the way you got sidetracked, and now you want to get                                                                                 it going again..  

    6.  You may want to achieve stronger emotional and energy management skills to keep you steady as you help yourself                                                                               and others.  

    7.  You’re ready to get support to help you go from where life has taken you to where you really want to be.



I am . . .

A Creation Coach & Teacher, Energy Educator, and Speaker – I help you go from shut down, holding back, or ready to go and needing more know how, to being a kick ass creator who makes her dreams come to life.

I specialize in teaching lightworkers, spiritual entrepreneurs and change agents how to be in charge of their own destiny by mastering the laws of creation and having Atomic Clarity about their vision, while providing an energetic support system for their well-being as they go through the internal shifting they need for breakthrough results.

I see through the surface to your deeper self and help you connect with the real you to do what your spirit came to do – which is the only way to true fulfillment.

After 40 years on my spiritual path, teaching around the U.S. since the early 80’s, training and studying with some of the best minds and spirits of the last few decades, and living what I’ve studied, I know how challenging this life path can be. I also know the extraordinary beauty and joy that are possible. And I would be honored to help you.


And my regular credentials… in case you’d like to know :)

  • Certification from Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute program: “Mind/Body Medicine: From Clinic to Corporation” to facilitate Healthy Lifestyle programs
  • Guest speaker at that same Harvard program
  • Produced video interview with Deepak Chopra on Mind/Body Medicine
  • Taught Meditation at 2 Chicago City Colleges
  • Taught Reiki at the Midwest College for Oriental Medicine; NYC, Atlanta, LA
  • Doctor of Divinity, Ordained Minister, Certified Healer/Counselor
  • Professional Health Coach
  • Certifying Reiki Master since 1988 & co-founding member of The Reiki Foundation teaching all levels of Traditional Usui Reiki around the U.S., and personal coaching for advanced work with the Reiki Symbols
  • Created and taught courses in: Energy Healing & Balancing, Healing with Crystals, Channeling, and Transformation Through Brain Repatterning and Visualization, and Mind-Body Wellness Programs
  • Maintained private practice in healing, bodywork, and spiritual counseling since ’84
  • Many certifications and trainings along the way, more than I can even remember!
  • B.A. in Theater from Rollins College
  • Professional Actress/Singer for many years – my ‘first’ incarnation :)

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