Personal Alchemy Coaching

Personal Alchemy:   To uncover the personal blueprints with which people transform themselves into Gold.

Personal Alchemy Coaching™ is a bit like life coaching – where you get support in doing the things that get you what you want or where you want to go – but PAC is for people who need a different approach, a different set of solutions and practices.  You may also want to work on some of the things that get you hung up along the way, like negative beliefs about yourself or life, chronic self-doubt, things you do to sabotage yourself, depression… you know what yours is!   More than likely you are wired differently in your brain and thinking, or have more highly attuned levels of perception and sensitivity but no understanding of them or how to handle the extra input they bring.  Traditional linear processes aren’t as workable for you and you find yourself just as hung up as before..but now you feel even more stuck because most people’s answers don’t work for you!

People like this are actually very gifted.  Gifted with a higher degree of sensitivity and awareness to subtle areas of exchange, of energy.

Everything is energy. Our bodies are made of energy, which is common knowledge.  But what is not common knowledge in the general population – not yet! – is that we also have what you can call bodies – for our emotions, our minds, and our spirits.  Each of these bodies is connected to our physical body and is always in communication with it, as well as with each of the others.  They are so seamlessly connected that we aren’t aware of them, but they are there.  What we do in this process is to begin noticing which body, or level of consciousness, a certain issue is coming from.  It isn’t hard at all.  In fact, for the people who do Personal Alchemy Coaching™, it comes as a huge relief because it explains why they have been having trouble with things that other people don’t.  They begin to realize that they are not broken, or weird, or some kind of “problem child”.  They simply need a deeper degree of attention to these small things, these subtle things that many people just don’t notice.

It’s a lot like “The Princess and the Pea”.   They pick up on things that most people don’t.  They are affected by those things when others are not.  It makes sense that no one around is reacting to something they can’t see or feel, but you do.  Maybe, when you were young, you tried to talk about it with your family or friends, but they had no idea what you meant,  or they even thought you were making it up or just imagining it.  After a while, it’s easier not to mention it and it gradually turns into a thing that makes you different.  It’s not very comfortable.  You may feel like something is wrong with you, that you’re the problem and everyone else is right.  Once you begin to make yourself wrong, you go more and more off your path, because you’ve lost your connection to the inner compass we all have when we’re born.

What this work does is transform you.  It turns those areas around so the problems become tools you can use.

One of the results of this work, the ultimate reward actually, is the joy you feel once you are in sync with your own nature.  When you understand who You are with your differences, your special gifts, and they are no longer confusing or problematic, you can live much more fully and in a way that’s true to your nature.  When that happens, and you are finally in your sweet spot, there is so much more joy than before.  I’ve had this experience many times in my life, where I would suddenly feel this bright golden light around me, and I would be so incredibly blissed out when this happened.  It took a long time to figure it all out, but now I know that it is a real thing, and a place that anyone can reach when they are in sync, aligned in all their bodies.   Luminous Joy is a place we’re all headed for sooner or later, but I want people to know a lot more about how to get there, because it’s really delicious!

When you make that connection (which is really to the Divine, however you think of or define that for yourself) your life is easier.  Your choices become more clear.  You can feel when one possibility has a bit of that light in it, or when it doesn’t.  If it lights you up, it’s part of your joy.


If you’re reading this and you aren’t sure I’m talking about You, I recommend that you remember things happen for a reason.  You found this page and read it and feel drawn in enough to get this far.  Don’t concern yourself with absolute definitions because there aren’t any!  This work is for people from all walks of life and all kinds of belief systems.

If you’d like to know more about how we can work together, send an email on the Contact page and I’ll be back  in touch with you soon.  If you want to tell me a little about your needs and goals, please do.  We can schedule a time to talk and find out if you want to work with me and begin your journey of Personal Alchemy.

Either way, whatever your choices, I wish you a path showered with Light and Blessings!